Lecture Slides and Videos

See this year's schedule here

Date Lecture Lecturer Slides Video Notes
Jan 4 6.148 Kickoff Alan Chiao PDF YouTube Theme Reveal
Jan 4 Ideation and Wireframing Tian Mi PDF YouTube
Jan 4 Git and Development Environments David Wong PDF YouTube Workshop
Jan 5 Web Design and UI/UX Kimberli Zhong PDF YouTube
Jan 5 Intro to HTML/CSS Budmonde Duinkharjav PDF YouTube Preface (Codecademy), Lecture Demo
Jan 5 Javascript/JQuery, Part I Tian Mi PDF YouTube Workshop, Solutions
Jan 6 Preface to Backend: Web Frameworks Slava Kim PDF YouTube
Jan 6 Intro to NodeJS Budmonde Duinkharjav PDF YouTube Preface: Setting Up, Workshop
Jan 7 Javascript/JQuery, Part II David Wong PDF YouTube Workshop, Solutions
Jan 7 Frontend Debugging Kimberli Zhong PDF YouTube Lecture Demos
Jan 7 Templating and Handlebars Alan Chiao PDF Sorry, no video Workshop, Solutions
Jan 8 Intro to Databases + DB for Express Slava Kim PDF Sorry, no video Workshop & Solutions
Jan 8 Microsoft Guest Lecture I: Web Apps in the Cloud Cosmos Darwin PDF Sorry, no video
Jan 8 Guest Lecture: Presentations and Pitching Kyle Saleeby PDF Sorry, no video
Jan 11 Palantir Guest Lecture: Angular.js Stephanie Yu PDF Coming Soon Workshop Solutions
Jan 11 Debugging II Alan Chiao PDF Coming Soon
Jan 11 Bloomberg Guest Lecture: From Startup to Juggernaut Alex Peretti Coming Soon
Jan 12 Meteor Guest Lecture: Meteor Avital Oliver PDF Coming Soon Workshop
Jan 12 Intro to Authentication and Security Slava Kim PDF Coming Soon
Jan 12 Appian Guest Lecture: React.js and Appian SAIL Carlos Aguayo Coming Soon
Jan 13 Microsoft Guest Lecture: Project Oxford Machine Learning API's James Coming Soon
Jan 13 Making Things Pretty Edwin Zhang PDF Coming Soon
Jan 13 How to Win 6.148 Budmonde Duinkharjav Coming Soon