Past Lecture Slides and Videos

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Date Lecture Lecturer Slides Video Notes
Jan 5 6.148 Kickoff Victor Hung PDF YouTube
Jan 5 Ideation I: Ideas and Wireframing Victor Hung PDF YouTube
Jan 6 Preface to Backend: Details of Web Frameworks Charles Liu PDF YouTube
Jan 6 Software Development I Charles Liu PDF YouTube
Jan 6 Backend IA: NodeJS/Express David Wong PDF YouTube Preface: Setting Up
Jan 7 Frontend I: HTML/CSS Victor Hung PDF YouTube Preface (Codecademy), Lecture Demo
Jan 7 Frontend II: JavaScript Charles Liu PDF YouTube Lecture Demo
Jan 7 Node.js workshop Charles Liu YouTube Lecture Demo
Jan 8 Backend IB: Ruby on Rails Xander Lin PDF YouTube
Jan 8 Bloomberg Guest Lecture: Client Side Frameworks (Angular.JS and Ruby) Lee Richmond, Wade Tandy PDF Lecture Demo
Jan 9 Web UI/UX Victor Hung PDF YouTube
Jan 9 Backend II: Fundamentals of Database Charles Liu PDF YouTube
Jan 9 Firebase Guest Lecture: Building Realtime Applications With Firebase Kat Fang Slides YouTube Lecture Demo
Jan 12 Palantir Guest Lecture: Plottable, a d3 JavaScript charting library Justin Lan Plottable.js
Jan 12 Design II: Introduction to Graphic Design Eva Yeung PDF
Jan 12 Software Development II: How to Win 6.148 in 60 minutes Xander & Neander Lin PDF
Jan 13 Appian Guest Lecture: Cross-platform, Functional, Reactive GUIs Carlos Aguayo PDF
Jan 13 Backend III: Databases with Node.js, Mongoose Charles Liu PDF Lecture Demo
Jan 13 Backend IV: Authentication, Authorization, and Sanitization Charles Liu PDF
Jan 14 Vecna Guest Lecture: Building Better Users Ariel Wexler PDF
Jan 15 Next Jump Guest Lecture: Web Development in Go John Hilliard PDF Lecture Demo
Jan 15 React Guest Lecture Lee Byron PDF
Jan 15 Parse Guest Lecture Jamie Karraker PDF